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Setup, monitor, manage and control your eSports Center with an advanced software & data management platform.

1 Terabytes
of the Top eSports Games

Install 1 terabyte of the eSports world’s top games onto hundreds of computers in a breeze.

eSports Business Intelligence & Analytics

Connect to the largest network of eSports centers in the world. Benchmark your business.

1-Click Multi-PC Installation

Get your eSports Center up and running anywhere in the world with 1-click. Start a chain of eSports centers. Let your users roam between centers.

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Advanced Games Management, WiFi Hotspots & Diskless

Advanced Games Management

The long awaited Game Loader and Auto Patcher eliminates manual installation of new games on computers and manages patching of games to keep every game up to date.

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eSports Tournament Management

eSports Tournament Management

Smartlaunch eSports 5.0 introduces a wide range of tools for organization of local eSports tournaments and participation in international competitions. Features include popular game stat..

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We’re entering into a new world
where data may be more important than software.
- Tim O'Reilly

eSports centers blog

New team tournament in Japan in 2019

Partnering with the Japan Esports Union (JeSU), a new Street Fighter league has been announced by Capcom, the Japanese developer and publisher of video ga..

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Football match was interrupted by strange prote...

Swiss football supporters took the opportunity to protest against eSports during a match between the teams Young Boys Bern and Basel on Sunday. The football ..

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Astralis beat Na’ve in the CS:GO Faceit M...

Danish Astralis became the winner of the CS:GO Faceit event in London this weekend. The Danes were better than Na've in the final and took home their second ..

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